About Us

At first Barbers Illustrated started as a vision in the mind of our Founder/CEO Jason Bell (aka J-1da The Barber). Jason is a barber born and raised in Kansas City, KS, with an eye for great haircuts. While working in the shop, Jason saw an opportunity when he noticed an open market for a magazine catered to the modern barber.

He started to write down ideas and rough drafts for the magazine and its content. He asked fellow barbers, clients, family members and friends what they thought of the idea - most of them thought it was a great idea.

As the idea grew and more and more people asked about the magazine and its release, Jason knew he had something special. After 3 years of planning, rough drafts and many setbacks, he finally had it done. He met two great graphic designers by the name of  Alx Beshkova-Bordages and Jacob Walker they made his dream a reality.